Stately Homes

Abbotsford, Melrose, TD6 9BQ

Abbotsford, the magnificent home of Sir Walter Scott is on the banks of the River Tweed. One of Scotlands greatest writers much of his inspiration came at Abbotsford. The house was opened to the public in 1833 and it continued to be occupied by Scots descentants, the last being Dame Jean Maxwell Scot (1923-2004). It then in 2004 came under the care of the Abbotsford Trust.

Abbotsford (3).jpg_1541861330Abbotsford (2).jpg_1541861314Abbotsford (4).jpg_1541861343Abbotsford (6).jpg_1541861353

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle is the second largest inhabited castle in England and has been home to the Duke of Northumberland's family, the Percys, for over 700 years old. Combining magnificent medieval architecture with spectacular Italianate State Rooms, Alnwick Castle is one the the UK's most significant heritage destinations. Tel:01665 511100.

1 Alnwick Castle.jpg_1542392795Alnwick Castle 4.jpeg_1542392853Alnwick 4.jpg_1542743856Alnwick 2.jpg_1542743878

Floors Castle, Kelso, TD5 7FS

Floors Castle is Scotland's largest inhabited Castle at Kelso and set in the heart of the Roxburghe Estate. It was designed for the 1st Duke of Roxburghe in 1721 by the Edinburgh architect, William Adam. Built on the site of an existing building called the House of Floris, Floors was a plain but symmetrical Georgian country house. The 6th Duke invited the architect William Playfair to remodel the castle between l837-1847. Floors was Playfairs most important commission and he was determined to create the fairytale Castle it is today. The 8th Dukes marriage to Mary Goelet, an American heiress in the early 20th Century brought an amazing collection of fine art, furniture and porcelain. In the 1930s the Castle was altered to house the set of Brussels and Gobelins tapesteries. Tel: 01573 223 333.  

Floors Castle Kelso Scottish BordersFloors Castle 036.jpg_1536942191Floors (7).jpg_1536942110Floors

Floors (3).JPG_1536941968Floors (5).jpg_1536942047Floors (4).jpg_1536942009Floors

Manderston House, Duns, TD11 3PP

John Kinross's superb Edwardian country house built for Sir James Miller is a short distnce from Duns. The magnificent marble staircase, silver plated balustrade and solid brass rail were inspired by Madame de Pompadour's staircase at the Petit Trianon at Versailles. Tel:01361 883 450.




Mellerstain House, Gordon, TD3 6LG

Mellerstain is one of the great houses of Scotland. Built between 1715 -1778 by two of Scotlands greatest architects, William Adam and his son Robert Adam Mellerstain is a unique example of Adam design. Set in 100 acres of parkland and ancient woodland, this grand Georgian mansion remains almost as it was when the Adam's designed it. The interior decoration is simply stunning and the Library is considered to be one of Adam' s finest masterpieces. The perfectly proportioned rooms are adorned by many old masters, including, Van Dyck, Ruysdael, Gainsborough, and Ramsay. Tel:01573 410 225.

Mellerstain (12).jpg_1537640260Mellerstain.jpg_1537639315Mellerstain (3).jpg_1537639721Mellerstain (5).jpg_1537639879

Mellerstain (6).jpg_1537639932Mellerstain (10).jpg_1537640149Mellerstain (2).jpg_1537639361Mellerstain (9).jpg_1537640073

Monteviot House, Jedburgh, TD8 6UF

Monteviot House is an early 18th century house owned by the Marquess of Lothian, a politician better known as Michael Ancrum. The house with its magnificent gardens sits above a winding bend in the River Teviot, a tributary of the River Tweed. The Winter Garden, the Compass Garden, the Rose Garden, Laburnham Tunnel are just some of the amazing areas to visit. Tel:01835 830 380.

monteviot.jpg_1537388240Monteviot (8).jpg_1537388478Monteviot (3).jpg_1537388304Monteviot (5).jpg_1537388368Monteviot (9).jpg_1537388517Monteviot (6).jpg_1537388410Monteviot (5).jpg_1537388368Monteviot (4).jpg_1537388336Monteviot (10).jpg_1537388550Monteviot (13).jpg_1537388644Monteviot (11).jpg_1537388580monteviot (14).jpg_1537388685Monteviot (7).jpg_1537388444Monteviot (17).jpg_1537388855Monteviot (18).jpg_1537388887Monteviot (19).jpg_1537388918

Paxton House, Berwick on Tweed, TD15 1SZ

Paxton House, one of Scotland's finest neo-palladian houses a few miles from Berwick-uponn-Tweed is situated on the River Tweed. Paxton House was built between 1758-1763 for Patrick Home of Billie. With over seventy paintings, Chippendale furniture and an extensive costume collection and wonderful walks down the River Tweed it is a lovely day out.  Tel:01289 386 291.

Paxton (8).jpg_1537391566Paxton (9).jpg_1537391508Paxton (10).jpg_1537391976Paxton (11).jpg_1537392045Paxton House (6).jpg_1537391018Paxton House (2).jpg_1537390777Paxton House (7).jpg_1537391085Paxton house.jpg_1537390736

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